A confluence of cutting-edge features

Fully Integrated
A set of versatile and customizable features makes iCIBUS an ideal solution for restaurants, coffee shops, etc.
Easygoing User Interface
Self-explanatory, eye-catching UI makes taking orders and processing payments as easy as a walk in the park.
Maximum ROI Guaranteed
Our multi-purpose POS solution helps you manage your resources better so that you can focus on expanding your business beyond your dreams.
Improve Customer Satisfaction Levels
iCibus adds an aura of elegance and modernity to the way you serve your customers. This worthwhile soultion is a perfect value for money since it not only improves the overall service efficiency but also rings up your sales and customer satisfaction quotient. Learn more..
We understand how challenging restaurant management can be
So we decided to make things easier for you
How it works?

1 Waiter
Bring iCibus to your restaurant
2 Customer
Waiters will use iPad to
take orders from your customers
3 Order
Enthrall your customers
with their favorite
4 Checkout
Ask the customers to pay the way they fancy
A smarter way to run & grow your business
iCibus gives you the advantage of a never-before business flexibility, management, process automation and control that you can leverage on to enhance your revenue streams.

Use our hybrid restaurant management application to take orders, reorganize merchandise, monitor employee performance and streamline your entire business from just about anywhere. With iCibus, you can easily keep track of your sales, stocks and taxes using built-in reports that will help you make smarter business decisions.

Easy payment alternatives
Providing customers flexibility amidst challenging business scenario
When your customer pays directly through cash, iCIBUS helps you open the cash drawer wirelessly, so you can manage your cash better along with keeping it secure. Print payment slip and hand it over to your customer.
Credit Card
Let your customers pay through Credit Card. iCIBUS allows you to choose your own Credit Card processor so that you can process payments securely through card swiper.

iCibus restaurant point of sale system is the flagship product of Xportsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. software development company specializing in the development of Windows- and mobile-based applications.

The idea of developing a restaurant management solution struck our minds back in 2014 when we saw a restaurateur lamenting upon his decision of purchasing a fundamental POS solution due to its complexities, inaccuracies and expenditure. He finally decided to take a step back and returned to traditional paperwork restaurant management, saying that continuing with that POS system would perhaps blow a hole in his wallet!

Ever since then, we decided to work upon developing a restaurant management solution that will be easier, cheaper and more user-friendly than what we saw out there.

After 18 months of extensive research, development and stringent testing, iCibus shaped up as one of the most versatile and feature-packed restaurant management solutions for restaurants, coffee shops, bars, self-service kiosks, and almost any food service establishment.

Powered by a rock-solid backend and global technology, iCibus aims to provide everything you need to successfully run and expand your business. With this ingeniously designed application, we intend to cut back the manual effort, overall expenditure and time consumption associated with any food service business.

And so; a secure, reliable and cost-effective restaurant management solution is here to help you engage more customers, ring up your sales, manage your resources and grow your business to come up as a celebrated, dominant force in the market.

Robust Reporting, Detailed Insight – Your Helping Hand for Smarter Decision Making
iCIBUS provides you a comprehensive analysis of your day-to-day restaurant processes, customer behavior and sales statistics so that you can understand your business processes inside-out. And the better you understand your business, the better you can work on improving it.
Sales reports
Detailed transaction reports
Collection tax reports
Daily business summary
One of the most versatile, productive and feature-rich iPad restaurant management solutions ever designed
Increase Sales
iCibus improves customer satisfaction levels drastically and, therefore, reinforces the recognition of your business as a brand in the market. Also, you can provide special offers, coupons and discounts to your customers to increase sales methodically.
Speedy Service
Use iCibus to serve customers quickly and accurately. As a result, the revenue generated by you will escalate at every order processed.
Quick & easy to set up
From initial setup right through to training your staff and making use of advanced features, the simplicity and usability of iCibus will leave you spellbound.
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